Miraflores Sunset     55

Tanqueray dry, chicha morada liqueur, chicha morada syrup, lemon

Maracuya Martini     55

Ketel One vodka, martini rosso, passion fruit, lime, sugar, bitter

Huacatay Standard     55

Tanqueray gin, lemon juice, huacatay, cucumber, sugar, elderflower

Emolientero     65

La Caravedo Pisco quebranta infused with lemongrass, aguaymanto, yuzu & orange marmalade, ginger, lemon

Iquitos Sunset     55

Gin, aperol, cointreau, orange, grapefruit

The Original     55

La Carvedo Pisco quebranta, lime, bitters, ginger ale

Anessa     80

Ketel One vodka, jasmine, organic apple juice, orange bitters


Celebrated by Peruvians as a matter of national pride; Pisco is undeniably a symbol of the best of Peru. Made by distilling grape wine into a spirit, it was developed by Spanish settlers in the 16th century as an alternative to a form of imported brandy.  Celebrate our love of food and life with our unique Pisco infused concoctions.

Classic     55

La Carvedo Pisco quebranta, lime juice, egg white, sugar and bitters

Lavanda Sour     60

La Carvedo Pisco quebranta lavander infused, lime juice, egg white, grapefruit juice, maraschino, sugar and bitters

Amazing Amazonas      60

Coriander and olive infused La Carvedo Pisco quebranta, falernum, lime juice, egg white and bitters

Pachamama      65

Passion fruit infused La Carvedo Pisco quebranta, lime juice, egg white and bitters


Margar-inca     55

La Carvedo Pisco quebranta, tequila, lime juice, agave nectar, pineapple, salt

Barranco Breakfast     60

La Carvedo Pisco quebranta, cointreau, three citrus marmalade, lemon

Cuzcopolitan     60

La Carvedo Pisco quebranta, cointreau, wild blueberry, cranberry juice, lime

Mojito Morada     55

La Carvedo Pisco quebranta, chicha morada, huacatay, mint, lime, soda

El Señor de Sipán     60

Oak aged La Carvedo Pisco quebranta, campari, sweet vermouth

Infused pisco     60

Peru is famous for infusing Pisco with various local fruits, herbs and spices, whether for straight sipping or to add extra character to a drink. We are continuing the tradition of infusing Pisco at Totora with our own variations.

La Caravedo Pisco quebranta infused with your choice of: Chicha morada, Passion fruit, Lemongrass, Coriander, Olives


Daiquiri     55

Silver rum, lime, sugar

White Lady     55

Gin, orange curaçao, lemon, sugar, egg white

Caipirinha     55

Cachaça, lime, sugar

Moscow Mule     55

Vodka, lime, ginger beer, mint

Negroni     55

Gin, sweet vermouth, campari

Manhattan     55

Rye whisky, sweet vermouth, angostura bitters


Mosto Verde     60

La Carvedo Pisco quebranta, apple, mint, lime, Jeio Prosecco

Pan-Americano Highway     55

La Carvedo Pisco quebranta, campari, sweet vermouth, soda


Cerveza Modelo Especial or Negra     35

Peroni     45

Brooklyn Lager     45


Chicha Morada (Traditional Peruvian homemade soft drink)     25

Consumption dates back to the pre-colonial era of Peru,  prior to the creation of the Inca Empire. purple corn, pineapple and lime enhanced with cinnamon, cloves and sugar.

Chica Batida     30

Chica morada, apple, passion fruit, coconut, cardamom

Templo de la Luna     30

Ginger ale, fresh orange juice, chica morada syrup

Muy-Bien     30

Pineapple juice, orgeat, spiced syrup, lime, orange honey blossom


(Prices for 125ml and Bottle)

NV Taittinger Brut Reserve – Champagne     95/550


(Prices for 150 ml and Bottle)

2015 Finca La Linda Chardonnay – Mendoza     45/220

2014 Pinot Grigio Kettmier, IGT – Vigneti delle Dolomiti     60/280

2015 Sauvignon Blanc, Babydoll, Y. – Marlborough     75/345


(Prices for 150 ml and Bottle)

2015 Cuvée Serpolet, Côtes de P., Henri Fabre – Provence       65/290



(Prices for 150 ml and Bottle)

2014 Nero d’Avola, Legato – Sicily     45/220

2015 Malbec, Bodega Norton – Mendoza     55/260

2015 Cabernet Sauv. Los Vascos, Lafite – Colchagua Valley    70/320


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

La Carvedo Pisco quebranta     30/60

Pisco 1615 puro quebranta     35/65

Pisco 1615 acholado     45/85

Pisco 1615 mosto verde – quebranta     40/75

Pisco 1615 mosto verde – Italia      50/95

Aba Pisco     45/85

Kappa Pisco     50 95

Barsol Supremo – mosto verde torontel     60/100

Barsol Selecto – Italia     50/95

Porton Pisco mosto verde     70/135


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Ketel One     36/70

Absolute Elyx     65/130

Belvedere     50/95

Grey Goose     50/95

Stolichnaya Elit     50/95

Chase English Potato    70/135

Russian Standard Imperial     75/145


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Tanqueray London Dry Gin     38/75

Tanqueray No. Ten     50/95

Bombay Sapphire    38/75

Hendrick’s    45/80

Sipsmith London Dry Gin     50/95

Gin Mare    50/95

Sipsmith VJOP Gin     55/105

Sipsmith Sloe Gin     55/105

Bols Genever 1820     60/115


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Bacardi Superior     38/75

Bacardi Ocho      48/75

Mount Gay Eclipse     36/70

Clement Rhum Blanc     45/80

Havana 3 years     40/75

Havana 7 years      45/85

Gosling’s Black Seal     45/85

Gosling’s Reserve     80/155

Sailor Jerry’s Spiced     40/75

Matusalem Gran Reserva     50/95

Ron Zacapa XO     85/155

Angostura 1919    65/125

El Dorado 15 year     70/135

J.Bally 1995     130/240


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Don Julio Blanco     40/75

Don Julio Reposado     42/80

Don Julio Añejo     50/95

Don Julio 1942     145/275

Patron Silver     45/85

Patron Reposado     45/85

Patron Añejo   50/95

El Jimador Blanco     36/70

El Jimador Reposado     36/70

Ocho Blanco     80/150

Ocho Reposado     90/160

Ocho Añejo     136/260

Arette Blanco     70/135

Herradura Plata     55/105

Herradura Añejo     60/115

Siete Leguas Reposado     195/320

Tapatio Añejo     80/155

Tapatio Reposado     80/155


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Johnnie Walker Black Label     36/70

Johnnie Walker Blue Label     165/310

Chivas Regal 12 years     40/75

Chivas Regal 18 years     85/160

Monkey Shoulder     45/85

Nikka From The Barrel     50/100


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Canadian Club     36/70

Rittenhouse     40/75


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Jack Daniel’s     45/80

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel     65/125


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Jameson     40/75

Bushmills     40/75


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Maker Mark     60/115

Bulleit     40/75

Woodford Reserve     45/85

Elijah Craig 12 years     40/75



(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Aberfeldy 12 years     65/125

Dalwhinnie 15 years     80/150

Glenmorangie Original     55/105

Glenmorangie 18 years     135/260


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

The Glenlivet 12 years     45/85

Glenrothes Select Reserve     65/125

Glenrothes 1995 Vintage     85/160

Aultmore 12 years     85/165

Glenfiddich 12 years    42/80

Glenfiddich 15 years    60/115

Glenfiddich 18 years    85/160            

Balvenie Doublewood 12 years     60/115

The Macallan 12 years Fine Oak     75/140

The Macallan 18years Fine Oak     160/300


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Auchentoshan 12 years     60/110

Auchentoshan Three Wood     77/145


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Ardbeg 10 years     45/85

Laphroaig 10 years     45/85

Bowmore 12 years     60/135


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Talisker Storm     60/115

Highland Park 12 years     75/145


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Yoichi Peated     40/75


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Calvados Boulard Pays D’Auge     36/70

Remy Martin VSOP     55/105

Remy Martin XO     100/190

Hennessy VSOP     60/115

Hennessy XO     130/250

Boulard Calvados Pays D’Auge     36/70


(Prices for 30ml and 60ml)

Averna Amaro     30/60

Cynar     30/60

Benedictine     36/70

Galliano L’Authentico     36/70

Fernet Branca     36/70

Aperol     40/75

Amaretto Disaronno     40/75

Cherry Heering     40/70

Ramazzotti     40/70

Campari     40/80

Chartreuse Green     45/90

Baileys Original     45/85

Limoncello del Sole     40/75

Martini Rosso     30/70

Martini Bianco     30/70

Jägermeister     30/70

Molinari Sambuca White 30/60

La Fee Absinthe 45/80


(Prices for 100ml and 750ml)

Taylor’s Fine Tawny – Duoro 50 490

Taylor’s 10 year old Tawny – Duoro 95             1200


(Prices for 100ml and 750ml)

Amontillado, La Plaza Vieja, Emilio Lustau – Jerez    55/570

Manzanilla, Papirusa, Solera, Reserva, Emilio Lastau – Jerez    65/590


Coca cola

Fever Tree Ginger Ale

Diet coke

Ginger Beer


Fever Tree Tonic Water


Fever Tree Slim line Tonic Water

Light Sprite

Fever Tree Bitter Lemon

Fever Tree Soda Water

Juice     25



Organic Apple

Organic Tomato



Water     25

San Pellegrino sparkling     750ml

Aqua Panna still     750ml

Tea     22

Cherry Blossom

Very Berry

Dragon Jasmine Pearls

English Breakfast

White Apricot

Rooibos Orange and Cactus Fig

Earl Grey



Espresso     12

Double Espresso     15

Espresso Macchiato     14

Double Espresso Macchiato     17

Americano     15

Cappuccino     20

Café Latte     20

Flat white     20

Platos Pequeños – Bar Bites

Cebiche Natural (D)     75

Sea bass, lime juice, sweet potatoes

Cebiche Mixto (D) (SF)     65

Sea bass, octopus, shrimps, choclo corn, chulpi corn, leche de tigre

Cebiche Nikkei (G) (D)     50

Nikkei sauce

Tiradito Natural (D)     75 

Sea bass, aji limo, lime juice, coriander

Trio de Causas (D) (SF) (E)     95

Three colour mashed potatoes, octopus, prawns, crab

Solterito (D)     60

Plum tomatoes, halloumi cheese, black olives, choclo corn, chulpi corn, potatoes, rocket

Empanadas (G) (E)

Three homemade sovory pastries filled with:

Beef, aji panca, chimichurri     40

Mushroom, baby spinach, aji amarillo, chimichurri (V)     35

Trio de Tamalitos (G) (N) (A)     50

Three steamed corn-based dough pillows, wrapped in banana leaves and filled with:

Lamb, aji mirasol, coriander, salsa criolla

Chicken, aji mirasol, achiote, salsa criolla (E)

Seafood, aji mirasol, squid ink, salsa criolla (SF)

Papa Rellena (D) (G)     35

Mashed potatoes, tenderloin, black olives, aji panca, chalaquita

Yuca Rellena (D) (G) (V)     35

Mashed yuca, halloumi cheese, aji amarillo, rocoto sauce

Rollitos de Lomo (D) (G) (E)     55

Peruvian style spring rolls, sauteed beef tenderloin, plum tomatoes, soya sauce, onions, aji de la casa

Jalea (E) (SF) (G) (D)     80

‘Jalea’ pronounced ‘Halee-a’ is Peruvian style seafood, crispy calamari, prawns, octopus, hamour, tartar sauce

Potato Fries (G) (D)     35

With sweet spicy sauce, aji amarillo tartar and mayonnaise


Maki Tuna Picante (G) (E) (D)     70

Tuna tartare, asparagus, pickled capsicum, black sesame

Roll Acebichado (D) (SF) (G) (E)     75

Red snapper, shrimps tempura, avocado, leche de tigre

Maki Parrillero (G)     75

Seared beef, asparagus, avocado, artichoke, chimichurri


Traditional Peruvian marinated grilled skewers

Anticucho de Champiñones (V) (D)(E)     45

Portobello mushroom, chimichurri, potato salad

Anticucho de Pollo     40

Chicken, lime

Anticucho de Carne (D) (G)     70

Ribeye, anticuchero, grilled potato, choclo corn

Anticucho de Camarones (SF) (D) (E)     95

Prawns, chalaquita sauce, potato salad


Tuna Burger (G) (D) (E)     55

Tuna, Asian mix, tomatoes, aji de la casa, homemade bread

Sandwich de Asado (G) (D) (E)     60

Asado beef, lettuce, criolla, homemade bread

Chicharrón Clásico (G) (D) (E)     55

Veal, smoked sweet potatoes, criolla, homemade bread

Caprese Andino (V) (G) (D)     50

Basil, halloumi cheese, tomatoes, olive oil, homemade bread

A : Alcohol      G : Gluten      V : Vegetarian      D : Dairy      N : Nuts      E : Eggs      SF : Seafood
All prices are in aed and subject to a 10% DIFC fee